The Traywick familyFall 2015 was a busy time for Zack Traywick. He worked full time, he and his wife welcomed a new baby, and he was preparing to graduate from Old Dominion University with his civil engineering technology degree. It wasn’t always easy, but ODUOnline made it possible.

Traywick started his degree in 2012, working towards his bachelor’s degree. His wife was able to step in while Zack studied full time, but once they had a little one on the way, Zack went back to work full time for his last semester.

He credits his success to setting up a routine that worked for him and his family. “I actually brought my laptop to the hospital and took quizzes in the hospital room while my wife and my son were sleeping the day after delivery,” Traywick told us. “At times I would go to my local satellite location in Fredericksburg or go to a relative’s house to work in a quiet place.”

Traywick was not the “traditional age” of a college student, having graduated at the age of 32. He chose online learning as an option for him to reach his educational goals, and his hard work coupled with ODUOnline’s flexible learning options allowed him to succeed.

“Online learning appealed to me because I could go about the class and work on my assignments at my own pace from the comfort of my own home or work,” Traywick said.  “I really liked the archive feature with ODU that allowed me to go back and re-watch lectures if I did not fully understand the first time.”

But perhaps most importantly, online learning with Old Dominion University allowed Traywick to be there for some very special moments. “I was able to be home more during the first few months with my son,” Traywick told us. 

Congratulations, Zack, on both your degree and your new family addition!

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