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CourseInstructorE-MailOffice Phone
EET 350Rick Jonesrljones@odu.edu757-683-3780
EET 360John Hackworthjhackwor@odu.edu757-683-4221
EET 365John Hackworthjhackwor@odu.edu757-683-4221
EET 410Dennis Bevingtondbevingt@odu.edu 
EET 415John Hackworthjhackwor@odu.edu757-683-4221
ENMA 301Charlie Danielscbdaniel@odu.edu757-683-4083
ENMA 302Steve Cottertcotter@odu.edu757-683-4558
ENMA 401Colin Barrowscbarrows@odu.edu 
ENMA 420Michael Cochranemcochran@odu.edu 
MET 300Nathan Luetke nluetke@odu.edu757-683-3765
MET 305Moustafa Moustafammoustaf@odu.edu757-683-3767
MET 310Alok Vermaaverma@odu.edu757-683-3766
MET 330Gary Crossmangcrossma@odu.edu757-683-3768
MET 335Gary Crossmangcrossma@odu.edu757-683-3768


ODU is proud to be a part of several military education affiliations. Many of these partnerships offer financial aid to military personnel and veterans.

We also offer classes in partnership with community colleges and military installations.